eMMC/SD card boot issue


For JH-7110, booting from SD card or eMMC is no longer recommended. Please be aware of this change when designing your device based on JH-7110.


  • You need to confirm that the type of eMMC or SD card you used is included in the JH-7110 AVL. If the eMMC or SD card is in the AVL list but JH-7110 still cannot boot up, StarFive recommends you to consult your technical support for more detailed information.
  • JH-7110 supports the following boot devices.
    • QSPI Flash (For SPL + OpenSBI + U-Boot) + SD Card/eMMC /NVMe (For Kernel + File System and later)
    Note: System will detect in sequence whether it can boot from the following device sequence: SD > eMMC > NVMe. For example, if the boot program is found on the SD, eMMC will be ignored.
    For the detailed information, refer to Boot Flow chapter in JH-7110 Boot User Guide.