VisionFive 2 Boot Mode Settings

VisionFive 2 provides pins to determine the boot mode before it is powered up. The following are the available boot modes and details.

Table 1. Boot Mode Settings
Index Boot Mode RGPIO_1 RGPIO_0
1 1-bit QSPI Nor Flash 0 (L) 0 (L)
2 SDIO3.0 0 (L) 1(H)
3 eMMC 1 (H) 0 (L)
4 UART 1 (H) 1 (H)

StarFive recommends that you use 1-bit QSPI Nor Flash mode since there is a low possibility that the VisionFive 2 may fail to boot in eMMC or SDIO3.0 boot mode. Try restarting the VisionFive 2 if fails to boot in eMMC or SDIO3.0 boot mode.

The following figure displays the location and the pin definitions of the boot mode settings.

Figure 1. Boot Mode Setting Location
Figure 2. Boot Mode Settings
Note: The silk prints may vary with different versions of boards.