About this guide and technical support information.

About this document

This document mainly provides the users with the technical reference information of the StarFive SoC JH7110.

Revision History

Table 1. Revision History
Version Released Revision
Preliminary Preliminary release for customer preview.

Please know the preliminary release is for preview only, any content inside can be updated without previous notice.

Notes and notices

The following notes and notices might appear in this guide:
  • Tip: Suggests how to apply the information in a topic or step.
  • Note: Explains a special case or expands on an important point.
  • Important: Points out critical information concerning a topic or step.
  • CAUTION: Indicates that an action or step can cause loss of data, security problems, or performance issues.
  • Warning: Indicates that an action or step can result in physical harm or cause damage to hardware.