About this guide and technical support information.

About this document

This document mainly provides the users with the basic introductions and features for StarFive next generation SoC platform - JH-7110.

Revision History

Table 1. Revision History
Version Released Revision
1.64 2024/05/22 Updated the minimum voltage of VDD_CPU to 0.9V.
1.63 2023/10/25 Corrected the data misalignment in the Function Description.
1.62 2023/9/7 Updated the boot sequence in Others.
1.61 2023/8/2 Corrected minor errors in datasheet, including GMAC pin voltage and UART note location.
1.60 2023/7/14 Updated the boot device to QSPI + SD/eMMC.
1.59 2023/6/19 Updated datasheet per JH-7110 tuning result including specs and notes change in eMMC, I2C, S7, and so on.
1.55 2023/6/7

Added known issue of recommended DDR rate to 2,133 Mbps instead of 2,800 Mbps - Set DDR/LPDDR to 2,133.

Added the maximum size of DDR and LPDDR of 8 GB - DDR.

Added notes to eMMC and SD interfaces that the max speed is DDR50 (50 MHz) - eMMC Interface and SD/MMC Interface.

1.54 2023/5/31 Updated CAN-FD to CAN in Clock Structure to avoid misleading. CAN-FD is only partially supported, thus removed from the datasheet.
1.53 2023/5/12 Updated Video decoder frame rate to 4K@30fps.
1.52 2023/4/25 Removed the incorrect DDR max capacity. See AVL list for a complete and most updated list of whether your device or peripheral is supported.
1.51 2023/3/29 Minor updates in certain signal descriptions.
1.5 2023/2/2 Added Pin Delay information for hardware product design reference.
1.4 2023/1/16 Added the power consumption specification in standby mode based on real test. Removed descriptions of 2 x 2D1C descriptions in MIPI channel DPHY support to avoid possible misleading information.
1.3 2022/12/6 Added the chapter of Known Issue and describes the issue of GMAC limitation within the chapter.
1.2 2022/10/20 Modified after the internal review. Refined block diagram. Updated spec details on MIPI and PCIe.
1.1 2022/09/15 Modified after the internal review. Updated spec details. Added SDIO note per FAE comment.
1.0 2022/09/05 First official release of the document.

Notes and notices

The following notes and notices might appear in this guide:
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  • Note: Explains a special case or expands on an important point.
  • Important: Points out critical information concerning a topic or step.
  • CAUTION: Indicates that an action or step can cause loss of data, security problems, or performance issues.
  • Warning: Indicates that an action or step can result in physical harm or cause damage to hardware.