JH-7110 is a high-performance RISC-V SoC featuring high-performance, low-power-consumption, rich interface options, and powerful image and video processing capabilities.

JH-7110 is equipped with a 64-bit high-performance quad-core RISC-V processor core sharing 2 MB of cache coherency, whose working frequency is 1.5 GHz. JH-7110 has a rich high-speed native interface, supports the Linux operating system, and has powerful image and video processing system. The StarFive ISP is compatible with mainstream camera sensors, built-in image/video processing subsystem supports H.264/H.265/JPEG codec. The integrated GPU makes its image processing capabilities stronger, such as 3D rendering. With high-performance, OpenCL/OpenGL ES/Vulkan support, JH-7110 can further enhance intelligence and efficiency. JH-7110 can complete a variety of complex image/video processing and intelligent visual calculations. Also, it meets multiple visual real-time processing requirements at the edge.