Boot Address Allocation

The following table shows the boot allocation for 16 M Flash.
Table 1. 16 M Flash Boot Address Allocation
Offset Length Description
0x0 0x80000 SPL
0xF0000 0x10000 U-Boot environment variables
0x100000 0x400000 fw_payload.img (OpenSBI + U-Boot)
0x600000 0x1000000 Reseved
Note: Since document release 1.2, boot from SD Card or eMMC is no longer recommended. But to maintain the code structure, the following SD/eMMC boot address allocations are modified as "reserved". Be aware of this change when designing your device based on JH-7110.
Table 2. SD/eMMC Boot Address Allocation
Offset Length Description Comment
0x0 0x200 GPT PMBR 0x4: Backup address
0x200 0x200 GPT Header
0x400 0x1F_FC00 Reserved
0x20_0000 0x20_0000 Reserved Partition 1
0x40_0000 0x40_0000 Reserved Partition 2
0x80_0000 0x1240_0000 Initramfs + UEnv.txt Partition 3
0x12C0_0000 End of disk System rootfs Partition 4