The UART of JH-7110 has the following features.
  • Support 6 UART interfaces
  • Support 4-wire mode (HW flow control with CTS/RTS)
  • Separate up to 256-Byte of TX and 384-Byte of RX FIFOs
  • Programmable FIFO disabling for 1-Byte depth
  • Programmable baud rate generator supports up to 3 Mbps
  • Support DMA access for TX and RX channel
  • Standard asynchronous communication bits (for start, stop, and parity).
  • Independent masking of transmit FIFO, receive FIFO, receive timeout, modem status, and error condition interrupts.
  • False start bit detection
  • Line break generation and detection
  • Programmable hardware flow control
  • Fully-programmable serial interface characteristics
Note: 3 Mbps rate is supported by UART3, UART4 and UART5. Use the fraction in SYSTOP_CRG.