The ISP-RGB of JH-7110 has the following features.
  • Sensor Interface
    • Support up to 1080P @30fps CMOS RGGB image sensor with the output format of RAW
    • Support 1 MIPI and 1 DVP sensor input interface
    • Support 12-bit sensor data input
  • Image processing engine
    • Built-in color pattern generation
    • Sensor black level compensation
    • Defective pixel correction
    • R/G/B LUT for sensor linearisation correction
    • Image analysis for AE, AWB, and AF
    • Programmable histogram analysis
    • White balance control
    • Lens shading compensation
    • Color shading compensation
    • CMOS sensor spatial crosstalk cancellation (Gr and Gb balance filter)
    • Advanced Bayer CFA color interpolation
    • False-color suppression
    • Advanced edge control and enhancement
    • R/G/B Gamma LUT
    • Color correction matrix
    • Color space conversion
    • Brightness/contrast and hue/saturation adjustment
    • Global tone mapping
    • Spatial noise reduction
  • Back-end processing
    • Seamless digital scale down from 1/4 × to 1 ×
    • Support up to 3 channel video streaming
Note: 5M Px is only supported with the following data path "Sensor → VIN (max 4K) → DDR", the sensor data output is YUV420 or YUV 422.