Block Diagram

The block diagram of the display subsystem is displayed in following diagram.

Figure 1. Display Subsystem Block Diagram

Data Mapping

The DSI transmitter's pixel data could be from panel 0 or panel 1 interface of DC8200, and could be selected from DP or DPI interface. The RGB PAD and HDMI have similar mechanism.

Table 1. Display Subsystem Data Mapping
Destination Supported Data Mapping Comment
  • DP0/DP1 or DPI0/1 is used, default DPI is used.
  • RGB24, RGB666 (CFG1), RGB565 (CFG1) when DPI is used.
For flexibility
DSI Tx Data from DC8200
  • Both DPI and DP are supported.
  • YUV420 8-bit only (CFG3).
  • YUV422 8-bit only (CFG1).
Default DPI
HDMI Data from DC8200
  • Both DP0 and DP1 are used for RGB and YUV.
  • YUV444 and YUV422 8-bit/10-bit (CFG1).
  • YUV420 8-bit/10-bit (CFG3).
DP by default, and DPI for backup