Boot Process

The following table shows the boot process of JH-7110.
Table 1. System Boot Process
Processor Boot Mode (PAD_RGPIO2) Boot Vector Boot Selection (PAD_RGPIO[1:0])
U74MC 0x1 0x00_2100_0000 XIP Flash
0x0 0x00_2A00_0000

0x0: Boot from 1-bit QSPI instead of flash

0x1: Boot from SDIO3.0

0x2: Boot from EMMC5.1

0x3: Boot from UART

Audio DSP Defined by U74MC or E24
E24 Defined by U74MC
  • If XIP flash is disabled in OTP configuration, system cannot boot from XIP flash.
  • The On-Chip boot ROM is 32 KB.
  • The boot mode and boot options could be loaded from the SYSCON status registers.

Boot Modes

System supports the following boot modes.
  • Boot ROM


  • SD card/eMMC

  • UART/USB/SD CARD update