Flashing with Linux or Windows

To flash the image with Linux or Windows, perform the following steps:

  1. Insert a micro-SD card into the computer through a micro-SD card reader, or by a built-in card reader on a laptop.

  2. Download the latest Debian image from: this link.

  3. Extract the .bz2 file.

  4. Visit this link to download BalenaEtcher. We will use BalenaEtcher software to flash the Debian image to a micro-SD card.

  5. Install BalenaEtcher and open it.

    Figure 1. Install BalenaEtcher
  6. Click Flash from file and select the location of the image where we just unzipped the following file:

    Tip: <Version> indicates the version number of the Debian image.
  7. Click Select target and select the connected micro-SD card.

  8. Click Flash! to start the flash task.