Logging into Debian

Perform the following steps to log into Debian:

  1. Connect a display to VisionFive 2 via HDMI.
  2. Set the boot mode as required. For instructions, see VisionFive 2 Boot Mode Settings.
    Tip: StarFive recommends that you use SD card or eMMC mode since the versions of SPL and U-Boot in the QSPI flash may be outdated and require update. If you need to update SPL and U-Boot, refer to Updating SPL and U-Boot.
  3. Insert the TF card with the Debian image into VisionFive 2 and power it on.
  4. Enter the credentials as follows:
    • Username: user
    • Password: starfive
  5. You can log into Debian OS by:
Tip: If you need to load different DTB files, update the ./boot/uEnv.txt file as described in the Step 6 under Adding New File section in the VisionFive 2 Single Board Computer Software Technical Reference Manual.